New and Featured Products

Lexington Cutter, Inc. is excited to present our new Precision Coolant Chucking Reamers with h6 shank tolerances. At Lexington we strive to stay ahead of the competition in technology, product advancement, manufacturing processes, pricing, and delivery. Our new flyer continues to provide competitive pricing throughout the market. Our commitment continues to provide you with superior products that will keep you a cut ahead of the competition.
Listed below are some features of the new reamer:

  • .0002” TIR on Shank & Cutting Diameters when checked between centers; this is 60% better than our standard reamers
  • Tighter tolerance on cutting diameter +.0002"-.0000" standard
  • Increased flute capacity for better chip removal
  • Shorter overall length for maximum rigidity and repeatability
  • Available in metric shank diameters
  • Designed for use in Precision Holders such as Shrink Fit, Hydraulic Chucks
  • Superior performance in Precision Collet Chucks

Carbide Tipped h6 Shank Reamer - Center Fed Coolant

Carbide Tipped h6 Shank Reamer - Flute Fed Coolant

Lexington's new products are Solid Carbide Coolant Fed Reamers and Solid Carbide Drills. Please click on the links below to view our selection.

Solid Carbide Coolant Fed Reamers

Solid Carbide Drills